Triangulum Mini

Three quantum bit (qubit) desktop computer based on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). The equipment provides a comprehensive solution for quantum computing education, demonstration, and use of quantum algorithms. It is beneficial both for 1) audiences with different knowledge backgrounds to quickly master the basic knowledge and programming operations of quantum computing 2) experts who wish to apply knowledge of quantum computing. The Triangulum Mini is only 16 kg and is portable. It can be run through the integrated Castor software (touchscreen) or from a laptop using the downloadable SpinQit software (Python based). Realise quantum circuit operations and output real quantum calculation results with this stable three qubit quantum computer! (For sale in the United Kingdom (Price inc. VAT) and USA, various payment methods available through PayPal for Business, built to order with delivery time up to 30 days)

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  • Equipped with complete quantum computing teaching materials, and supports teaching and self-study;
  • Integrates a 3-qubit real quantum computing system;
  • Built-in Android touch screen and control operating systems;
  • No external equipment needed (unless chosen to be linked over LAN with a PC running SpinQit software);
  • Supports SpinQit(Quantum Programming Framework) written in the Python programming language;
  • Quantum coherence times of 40 ms;
  • Single qubit gate fidelity of 0.98 & multi-gate fidelity of 0.96;
  • Number of single-bit quantum gate operations: ~20 Gates;
  • Multi-gate operations: 6 gates
  • >18 built-in quantum demonstration algorithms;
  • Pulse resolution 100 ns;
  • Phase Resolution 0.1°;
  • Custom Quantum Circuit Function and auto-calibration;
  • Mains Power Rating: 100~240V AC;50/60Hz;Single Phase;
  • Supports users in writing their own quantum computation programs and running test results independently;
  • Portable quantum computer (Height 200 mm, Width 350 mm, Depth 260mm);