The Triangulum three qubit Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) system is a highly capable desktop quantum computer for education and research run on a windows operating system. This system provides a complete quantum experimental operation along with independent, intuitive, controllable, and efficient comprehensive solutions for teaching and demonstration of quantum computing. (For sale in the United Kingdom (Price inc. VAT) and USA (contact us), various payment methods available through PayPal for Business, built to order with delivery time up to 30 days)

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  • Window 10 operating system (SpinQuasar is the software on Triangulum for quantum computing education as well as customised quantum computing implementation);
  • Create your own algorithms or use the inbuilt ones;
  • Supports SpinQKit – Add your own Python code;
  • Supports master-slave system (quantum networking);
  • Hardware-level pulse designing and engineering;
  • Provides build-in teaching examples, such as Rabi oscillation observation, Bell state preparation, Decoherence time measurement etc;
  • Provides access to control of RF pulse generation to support pulse designing for quantum gates;
  • Equipped with complete quantum computing teaching materials, and supports teaching and self-study, drag and drop quantum gates to construct a desired circuit;
  • Access to complete quantum computing procedures including experimental data collection of the final results.
  • Quantum coherence times of (T2: 300 ms);
  • Single qubit gate fidelity of 0.99 & multi-gate fidelity of 0.97;
  • Number of single-bit quantum gate operations: 40+ Gates;
  • 10+ multi-gate qubit operation;
  • 18+ built-in quantum demonstration algorithms including Deutsch algorithm, Grove algorithm, HHL algorithm, etc;
  • Pulse resolution 10 ns;
  • Phase Resolution 0.01°;
  • Mains Power Rating: 100~240V AC;50/60Hz;Single Phase;
  • Desktop quantum computer (Height 610 mm, Width 330 mm, Depth 560mm);
  • Weight 44 kg;
  • Room temperature operation (0℃ to 40℃);