Gemini Lab: Quantum Computing Experimental Platform

Laboratory Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Quantum Computer model of the two qubit Gemini Mini series from SpinQ. This system is ideal for research and development in industry and higher education as well as for quantum education. With this system powerful experimentation can be carried out: - changing experimental samples, - pairing with peripheral equipment, - designing pulse sequence, - interactive experiments. - Experiment with content on quantum simulation, quantum sensing, quantum communication, spin magnetic resonance, pulse techniques, and more. (For sale in the United Kingdom (Price inc. VAT) and USA (contact us), various payment methods available through PayPal for Business)

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•     In the Gemini Lab the user can measure the bit frequency, learn how to initialise the quantum system, build quantum logic gates, and reconstruct quantum states – giving unprecedented learning potential for quantum engineering.

•      Demonstrates quantum optimisation algorithms, quantum simulations, optimal control and other exploratory subject experiments are predesigned for research experiments

•     This is a  scientific research experimentation platform for quantum information

•     Equipped with complete quantum computing teaching materials, and supports teaching and self-study;

•     Includes hardware modules, parameter measurement, quantum control, pulse design, signal readout, and data processing;

•     Integrates a 2-qubit real quantum computing system and an up to 24 qubits quantum computing simulator;

•     Open interfaces ready to be connected to devices such as spectrum analysers;

•     Quantum coherence times of (T1: 10 seconds; T2: 300 ms);

•     Single qubit gate fidelity of 0.996 & multi-gate fidelity of 0.993;

•     Number of single-bit quantum gate operations: 100 Gates;

•     50 multi-gate qubit operation;

•     14 built-in quantum demonstration algorithms;

•     Pulse resolution 10 ns;

•     Phase Resolution 0.01°;

•     Mains Power Rating: 100~240V AC;50/60Hz;Single Phase;

•     Can be used as a client to connect other desktop NMR quantum computers, to build a quantum computer network;

•     Supports users in writing their own quantum computation programs and running test results independently;

•     Portable quantum computer (Height 427 mm closed / 222 mm open, Width 259 mm closed / 991 mm open , Depth 396 mm closed/ 396 mm open);

•     Weight 20 kg

•     Room temperature operation (10℃ to 35℃);

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